Green Revolution is on!

Employing smart and clean biotechnology, based on microalgae, microorganisms that dwell in extreme environments, and bacteria able to survive and thrive on industrial waste, Greon provides a green solution for variety of industrial waste – greenhouse and toxic gases, wastewater and solid waste. Biotransformation of waste products into valuable products such as biomass, 3rd generation biofuels – bioethanol, biodiesel, ecobriquettes, valuable and heavy metals, glycerine, etc., is our economic base.

The problem

Industrial processes are tightly connected with emission of enormous amount of waste gases, wastewaters, and solid waste. These are either by-products or end-products of the plant operational cycle or the combustion process itself. The carbon intensive economy relies on fossil fuels and is emitter of green house gases, toxic gases, wastewaters rich of organic and inorganic substances, as well as fly and bottom ash. Waste possess a threat to the environment and to human health, as it is toxic yet abundant. Disposal of waste is heavily regulated, subjected to environmental fees and charges and is generally treated as financial burden for the industrial companies.

The Solution

greon_process_scheme2In the core of our concept is simultaneous process of achieving continuous economical growth, while implementing sustainable ecologically responsible behaviour. We strongly believe that introducing smart green technologies is a process that is economically viable and should be embraced by all companies, regardless of the degrees of separation of their technological process from the environmentally friendly technologies.

Greon has developed a comprehensive knowledge-base of species of bacteria, fungi and algae, capable of biotransforming industrial waste into biomass with great efficiency. Feeding flue gas (CO2 and NOx) into an innovative specially developed bioreactor leads not only to mitigation of  the environmental threat but via genetically orchestrated  and artificially controlled photosynthesis can be converted into biomass, thus further processed into biofuels of 3rd generation.

Why Greon?

Greon is focused on biotechnology research and development, corporate social responsibility consultancy and implementation via introduction of high-tech green technologies. We aim not only at lowering the carbon footprint of the industrial plants, but also at minimizing their toxic waste products.

What Greon can offer your business is a custom made bespoke solution tailored to your company specific needs to enhance and strengthen, not only its financial position and status, converting the waste products into valuable source of energy, but also to take care of socially responsible corporate behaviour of your company.

Green revolution is on!